Oracle’s Recent Changes to Java (JDK) – Overview, Impact & Advice

Oracle have recently made several changes concerning how they maintain, support  & license  use of Java (more accurately the JDK).  This has commercial & technical implications for all enterprises running apps on the JVM (users of the JDK)  in production – regardless of the app programming language (Java, Groovy, Kotlin, etc).

Don’t panic! Java is still free. But anyone responsible for developing or provisioning JVM apps for production usage needs to be aware  of these changes and consider how it impacts their teams and business.

To help in this respect I’ve published a slide-deck that provides an overview of the changes, their impact and contains some advice. See

The fact that Oracle is trying to increase the pace of Java innovation by switching to more frequent,  time-based releases remains a positive thing. As does the fact that all major vendors are now collaborating on a single, open source implementation of Java – the OpenJDK.



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