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Versioning RESTful web APIs

When I was recently tasked with designing and building a new set of public-facing REST APIs for a popular online platform, one of the design challenges I faced was whether we should version our web APIs, and if so, how?

Historically there has been a lack of consensus in the industry on best practice in this area of web API design. And on initially researching the problem area I couldn’t find the answers I was looking for, or advice that I felt I could rely on.

This post distills the things I learned from further research and the experience of designing our own web APIs, with the aim of helping those of you that need to tackle a similar design problem. It covers:

  • Reasons to consider versioning your web APIs.
  • The aspects of a RESTful web API which do and don’t require versioning.
  • A classification of the most popular API versioning solutions that are in use today, including which aspect(s) of a RESTful web API they aim to version;
  • Points to consider when choosing a versioning solution(s).

It concludes by explaining my current thinking on the best approach to versioning and what solution we adopted for our APIs. I hope you find it useful!
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First steps to Scala

I’ve been tracking discussions about the Scala language and listening with interest to people’s early experiences of using it on projects since the beginning of this year (2012). Based on what I’ve heard, including the advocacy of several highly respected technical folks in the Java community that I follow, I recently decided to invest some time learning the language.

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